This Is How To Get Rid Of Eczema Naturally

Published: 23rd June 2011
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Eczema flare ups can last a few days or sometimes longer of excruciating pain and irritation. Having to bear the discomfort it causes is just so difficult. It is a skin disorder that has no permanent cure making this quite problematic.

Warm Bath: Give a bath to your child with warm water to which one cup of table salt has been added. Warm water has a soothing effect on the eczema sores. Make sure that the water is not hot because hot water can make the skin drier which in turn would worsen the symptoms.

Aloe Vera is also included in the list of natural eczema treatments. Why? This is because the juice of the Aloe Vera plant provides balance to our bodies’ immune system, thus, also helping cure one’s eczema and other skin problems e.g. psoriasis. To gain relief from the itches, rashes, and inflammation brought about by eczema, you may also apply Aloe Vera creams on your skin.

Pounded nutmeg with a small amount of water is a very good alternative for medical creams that you can apply on your skin. However, unlike medical creams which have adverse effects when used frequently, you can rub a nutmeg paste on your skin as often as you deem fit. A pleasant-smelling substance, a nutmeg paste can provide soothing effect to your inflamed, prickly skin.

A short steam bath can help open your pores, hydrate your skin and release toxins from your body. Be sure to drink plenty of water when you are in the steam bath.

Another natural treatment for eczema is use of probiotics. These probitics or good bacteria help reduce the occurrence of eczema in children and pregnant women. You should speak to your doctor about probiotics and if it is suitable in your case. Nutmeg powder should be made into a smooth paste and applied to heal eczema naturally.

Direct exposure to sunlight, which is a great source of vitamin D, can also destroy the harmful bacteria responsible for causing eczema. Usage of sandalwood is also considered one of the most effective natural cures for eczema. Make a paste by mixing 1 teaspoon of sandalwood in 1 teaspoon camphor and apply it on the affected area. Sometimes, a fine paste of 1 tablespoon of neem leaves and 1 tablespoon turmeric powder, is also used for treating eczema. Apply this paste to reduce the severity of the problem.

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