The Definitive Guide On The Best Natural Acne Treatment

Published: 30th June 2011
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There are certain steps you can take to get rid of pimples. With the help of the right amount of research, you could maybe cure your pimples;

The most effective cystic acne home remedies is using the mixture of baking soda and sea salt (rock salt not treated). Blend these two ingredients in a bowl to form a paste and apply it directly in the infected area. You can try this treatment weekly once or twice. Do not repeat this treatment daily.

Apple cider vinegar is another cheap material that most kitchens have. It is found to be a great acne remedy as well. All you need to do is place some on a cotton ball and dab directly on the acne spots without rinsing. Allow the apple cider vinegar to treat your pimples overnight.

Diet is a word that causes countless images of people fasting. Dieters are known to only eat salads and ingest unpleasant diet programs. But the goal of proper dieting is to simply eliminate foods harmful to your entire health as well as eliminating those foods most likely causing your acne problems.

Make up: Cosmetics can certainly be a cause of blocked pores and dry skin, which can cause pimples and acne. That doesn't mean to wear less, but what it does mean is to pay attention to what you wear. Leaning towards cosmetics that are non comedogenic or oil-free, will help ensure that they don't block your pores. When removing it, you want to make sure that you wash the areas completely, and don't leave your make up on overnight.

Rose water is also very helpful to treat skin problems. Make an oatmeal mask at home with these easy steps. Mix some amount of rose water with oatmeal powder and apply this on the affected areas. Keep it on for 15 minutes and wash this pack off with cold water. A rose and oatmeal mask will help to get rid of the blackheads and also prevent the infection from spreading all over your skin.

This causes multiple problems. Yes at first it may be tempting to just squeeze that whitehead but actually this is doing much more harm than good. First of all most people squeeze there spots with their bare hands. This means that all the dirt and bacteria will be transfered onto the surrounding skin. Secondly if you do squeeze a spot it is breaking the surface of your skin, allowing more dirt and bacteria to get in.
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