Simple Techniques to Get a Clear Clean Acne Free Skin

Published: 24th May 2011
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Though there are many products now that are available to help cure acne prone skin, some still prefer the natural way because it is not only effective but it is also cheap.

The second treatment that can help solve your acne problem includes chamomile and mint tea. Drink these two herb tea every day and you will soon see visible results on your skin in no time. Tea is an excellent source of antioxidant which can play great role in making your skin and body healthy.

Another excellent method to remove marks is to apply the pulp of grape fruit and orange to your pimples. Mix grape fruit with orange and strain the juice. Take only the pulp and apply it directly. You can wash your face after 15 minutes.

Exfoliating your skin is a kind of a natural treatment that helps in the prevention of new blackheads that can form on the skin. Look for exfoliating scrubs that can help in cleansing your skin and clear your pores. This helps to remove the excess oil and the grime from the affected areas.

One of the best acne herbal remedies out there is lavender. This herb is wonderful for fighting off acne. You can mix together lavender oil with some rosewater and have a great remedy that will effectively treat your acne.

The third treatment that can help you get rid off your acne forever is by making a simple papaya facial wash. Just mash a papaya pulp and apply it on your face every night and leave it for an hour or two before your rinse it with cold water. Cold water will also help ease the redness and inflammation of your acne.

Another way to remove the marks is to use a face mask made by mixing tomato and cucumber. Tomato has vitamin A that helps in controlling the overproduction of sebum. If the face mask is used regularly, it will not only remove the marks, but also tighten the pores on your skin and give a good texture

Green tea is used to treat all kinds of health problems in China and has been used as such for thousands of years. Use enough green tea, and acne will effectively be eliminated or improved greatly.
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