How to Prevent and Get Hair Loss

Published: 10th March 2011
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There are several kinds of baldness, male pattern baldness being the most common and difficult to cure. Shedding some hair each day is normal as per the hair growth cycle, but excessive hair loss should not be ignored. Taking care of your hair to retain its strength and growth does not necessarily require you to spend all your hard earned money on pills, creams or topical solution. You can save your hair from loss if you know the different route to go about it.

1. Apply olive oil to your hair. Extra virgin olive oil can be helpful in hair loss treatment. There's inconclusive results whether for sure it can help in hair loss. It's had mixed results, but it definitely won't harm your hair. Olive oil contains biotin, which is linked to hair growth. A good portion of vitamin E can be found in olive oil as well. Heat a 1/4th a cup of olive oil. Apply to your scalp. Leave it there for an hour, then wash with shampoo. Do this every other day. In a few months, you might notice re-growth in hair loss. At the very least, olive oil might prevent further hair loss.

2. Lettuce is helpful in avoiding hair loss. A mixture of lettuce and spinach juice is supposed to help the growth of hair if taken to the degree to half a liter a day.

3. Green tea is a good treatment if you are losing hair due to androgenetic alopecia, also known as male or female pattern baldness. The tea blocks the production of the hormone which causes this condition. Rosemary and pumpkin seed can also be used as hair growth remedies to treat this condition.

4. you can use to help grow hair faster and thicker, is to keep your body healthy and hydrated. You need to have a toxin free body and blood to keep your skin and hair from any impurities. Thus, when you drink enough water throughout the day, you body is well hydrated and free of toxins as they are flushed out as wastes. Drinking water also keeps your immune system healthy and helps it to combat allergens and foreign substances efficiently.

5. Apply virgin coconut oil to your hair. Coconut oil contains very high amounts of antioxidants that are extremely healthy for your hair. Organic virgin coconut oil has been used for centuries for hair and skin care. Coconut oil can help provide thicker hair. Best to apply on the scalp, and then washout with shampoo after an hour. You can leave it on overnight as well.

6. The juice of alfalfa, in combination with identical amounts of carot and lettuce juice, taken daily, also assists in the growth of hair to an amazing extent. The combination of these juices is rich in elements which are especially helpful for the growth of hair and prevention of hair loss.

7. Another major aspect which you need to concentrate on if you want to know, how to make hair grow faster naturally, is your diet. If you want thick, lustrous and strong hair quickly, make sure you eat enough protein and hair vitamins in your daily diet. Your hair growth, mainly depends on the protein keratin which is the major part of your hair. Therefore, include protein rich foods in your diet so that your hair finds its nourishment and doesn't turn brittle and weak.

Author is an online medical researcher on hair loss treatment. Click read more on hair loss treatment, herbal treatment for hair loss.

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