How to Lose Drooping Belly Fat

Published: 06th April 2011
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Besides affecting the way you look, stomach fat affects your health also. Stomach fat and heart problems are strongly related. Both for your look and health, you should start exercising in order to lose belly fat. Many people might be wondering how they can dump the fat that is residing in their belly. So many methods were circulated on the internet. Most of them are bogus information supplied by individuals who want to make quick bucks.

1. Beans are other great sources of fiber, along with iron, that must be included in the flat belly diet. Beans such as lima beans, kidney beans, chick peas and soybeans are ideal for this. However, baked beans cannot be consumed while on this diet. Have a bowl of boiled beans, or as part of a salad during dinner.

2. Exercise daily. Incorporating cardiovascular exercise and stomach crunches into your daily routine will burn calories and may eliminate drooping belly fat. Take a brisk walk or jog around your neighborhood. After your cardio workout, perform a few sets of crunches while you watch TV or before you go to bed. Consider getting a gym membership to utilize the many ab machines and treadmills.

3. This may take some time to do, but everyone has something that they can use for motivation to get rid of belly fat. Think about this for a minute, how fat would you get without motivation?

Probably a month or two! Your initial rush would carry you at first then after that you would get bored or lose interest. So find your motivation and go for it!

4. Cut out all junk foods, high fat, high cholesterol, highly refined, and high processed foods. Replace them with high fiber, plant based foods as close to nature as possible. Always eat a hearty well balanced, wholesome breakfast. Skipping breakfast will make you very hungry by lunch and you will overeat. If you miss meals very frequently you body will hold on to your fat reserves and store it guess where?

5. Since fiber is of utmost importance in this diet, whole grain foods cannot be missed out. Not only fiber, these foods are complex carbohydrates that are needed for energy. As such, whole grain and not brown breads, whole grain cereal, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal, are all suitable when on this diet. Ensure that you avoid 'white' foods such as rice (brown rice is permitted), pasta, donuts and bagels, white breads, etc.

6. Boost your metabolism. You metabolism dictates the rate of how fast your body burns calories and fat. People who have drooping belly fat can benefit from boosting their metabolism. This can be done by getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night, drinking green tea, and drinking plenty of cold water every day.

7. The reason that you have stomach fat is most likely from overeating and eating all the wrong foods. You will have times when you can indulge in your favorite foods, but have your limits. Smaller meals are the way to go if you want a slimmer waistline. One way to do this is to pre-package your foods. This is a good way to control overeating before it gets out of hand.

Author is an online researcher on natural weight loss. Nutritionist. Click read more on how to lose belly fat, quick ways to lose belly fat.

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