Hair Loss Remedies: Restart Your Hair Growth

Published: 25th May 2011
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Some women experience menopause hair loss, or start losing hair from tight braiding, chemical treatments, heat damage, and any of the other number of traumas so many of us put our hair through, unwary of the consequences. Whoever you are, if you start going bald, there's usually one thing on your mind-- How do I stop hair loss?

Place the dried Rosemary leaves in a medium-sized kettle and add grapeseed oil to immerse al the rosemary leaves completely. Avoid using kettle made of aluminum of copper which could result in some chemical reactions with the Rosemary substances.

Massage your scalp gently with warm oil at least one before washing your hair. This helps in increasing the blood-circulation at the hair roots. The oils that are beneficial include pure coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil and olive oil. The natural oils are excellent sources of vital nutrients and minerals that revive the hair follicles. Massage for ten to fifteen minutes in light circular motions without applying too much stress, or your follicles might get damaged further.

Vitamin A is important in the maintenance and development of hair moisture, without this we'll lose hair. Of course, you would be better off eating a steady diet of carrots on a daily basis but few of us remember to do so and as a result we should take a daily vitamin supplement that includes this vitamin as well as vitamins B, vitamin D, vitamin E as well as folic acid.

Prolonged stress, anxiety and depression are primary reasons for hair loss. Taking this into consideration, natural hair loss remedies include proper stress management. Take out time for yoga, meditation and relaxation exercises to help combat stress and at the same time, prevent hair loss condition.

In a recent study, the topical application of essential oils was shown to improve alopecia in almost half of participants, with no side effects. Not only do the particular properties of certain oils used help stimulate growth, but so does massaging the scalp daily (in the application of those oils). As an added bonus, your hair will always smell great!

Alopecia areata - Affects both males and females. Hair loss is rapid and most common pattern is one or more spots of hair loss on the scalp. Generally caused due to immunity disorder where the body's own white blood cells attack the hair follicles. Alopecia Totalis occurs when all of the scalp hair is lost. Infrequently a condition called alopecia universalis occurs where hair is lost from the entire body.

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