Eczema Home Remedies - 6 Home Treatments

Published: 16th July 2011
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Eczema is characterized as a condition wherein the skin gets inflamed and develops pustules onto the skin. Flakiness, redness, itching and dryness are some of the usual characterization of eczema. The following are some eczema remedies that you can easily do at home to get rid of the skin infection:

Add ground colloidal oatmeal to the water when bathing to soothe itching. Reduce the frequency of bathing to once every three days, as washing strips the body of oils that lubricate the skin. Limit the duration of the bath to 10 minutes or less for the best results.

Perfume Related Products Should be Avoided: Eczema is a disease which can strike people of all ages and it is also quite prone to individuals who tend to utilize perfume related products. There are individuals who are allergic to the usage of perfumes but they do not realize that diseases like eczema can affect their skin.

Eat a little bit of hot salsa every day for a month and it can help relieve or completely eliminate eczema. Some people who have tried this remedy think the compound in the hot chili peppers that are in hot salsa is the reason this works so well.

Chamomile is another soothing remedy that people like. You can purchase a chamomile lotion or you can use the tea form. When using the tea you would steep the tea bags and then place them on the painful area. This gives relief from the swelling and the dryness and itching.

Detoxification: A great method to cure eczema naturally: a skin disorder can sometimes be a sign that your body may be poisoned from certain foods eaten, ingredients you might be allergic to unknown to you and even stress. Have a 3 day barley-drink fast at least once a month to get rid of the toxins from your body.

According to a study by researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, preliminary studies have shown five raw Chinese herbs to be effective in treating eczema. The study appeared in the British Journal of Dermatology. The five herbs found include flos lonicerae, Japanese honeysuckle; cortex moutan, or root bark of peony tree; herba menthae, or peppermint; cortex phellodendri, or amur cork-tree bark; and atractylodes rhizome.
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