8 Home Remedies For Hair Growth - Stop Hair Fall Naturally

Published: 23rd March 2011
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Hair problems do not really pose a threat to our health but it can ruin our social self, especially if we focus on future hair loss treatments. When you don't look good you will definitely feel depressed and end up locking yourself instead of socializing with other people. Now you do not need costly hair treatments and regular salon appointments coz they are no more the only ways to grow hair faster, longer and healthier, as the same results can be achieved right at your home! Scroll down for some of the most useful tips to promote hair growth.

1. You need to have a toxin free body and blood to keep your skin and hair from any impurities. Thus, when you drink enough water throughout the day, you body is well hydrated and free of toxins as they are flushed out as wastes. Drinking water also keeps your immune system healthy and helps it to combat allergens and foreign substances efficiently.

2. Ayurvedic treatment involves scalp massaging to increase blood circulation. It is recommended to massage your scalp with vitamin E oil, which will strengthen your hair follicles. A drop of herbal serum on your scalp is an effective treatment for hair loss. Herbal serum is a herb formula designed for hair treatment that you can find in a health foods store. You can use this serum two to three nights a week in the first week to restore thinning hair and nourish your hair follicles. The serum can be rinsed out with a conditioner in the morning and applied one to two times per week after the first week. Results will be seen within a few weeks.

3. Hot showers can feel delightful for most of your body. They are great at relaxing your muscles and helping ease away tension. They can even hammer away at colds and assist in making injuries in your muscles and joints better. Regrettably, hot showers are horrible for your hair and your scalp.

4. A mixture made of olive oil, honey and cinnamon powder, applied before washing your hair and kept on the scalp for fifteen minutes.

5. Vitamins and minerals like B-6, inositol, folic acid, biotin, beta-carotene, magnesium, silica, sulfur, and zinc are also needed for healthy hair. You can either consume these hair vitamins through foods or supplements. Give up excess caffeine, alcohol, smoking or any other addictions, as they are very unhealthy for your body and hair. Get enough sleep and stay away from stressful things. More importantly stay calm and happy!

6. Herbs can be used to disinfect your scalp, stimulate hair growth and improve the circulation of blood flow. Apple cider vinegar and sage tea can be used as a hair rinse to stimulate hair growth. Rosemary, birch, horsetail and stinging nettle can be applied to your scalp while massaging to stimulate the growth of your hair. Horsetail contains a great source of silica and can be used to maintain your hairs healthy appearance. To fight against hair loss you should use licorice extracts as a paste to massage into your scalp before going to bed. Burdock and marshmallow tea is great for the hair also.

7. Alma juice and lime juice used for washing your hair or for incorporating them in your regular shampoo.

8. If you are stressing over men's hair loss, you should really turn down the water temperature when you take a shower. Use cooler water on your head. It aids in keeping your blood flowing and is easier for your scalp to adjust to than the hot water you like for your muscles (take a bath for that).

Author is an online medical researcher on hair loss treatment. Click read more on hair loss treatment, natural remedies for hair loss.

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