8 Herbal Cure For Hair Loss You Should Try

Published: 25th March 2011
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The biggest worry for a woman is baldness. It is normally feared that hair fall would lead to baldness. The good news is that most of the hair fall complaints are directly related to an unhealthy scalp and follicle condition which, if addressed timely and properly, can effectively be avoided.

1. Diet plays an important role in causing hair loss and leading to damage of hair. One needs to have a balanced and nutritious diet in order to prevent hair loss and stop hair from receding further. You should have a high protein diet to regrow hair naturally. Fish, meat and chicken, beans, eggs, milk, etc. are some of the high protein containing foods which help in hair regrowth.

2. The psoralea seed pods also called babchi seeds, bu gu zhi, psoralea, psoralea fruit and scurfy pea. The psoralea seeds are available in capsule form, though care should be taken when using this herb due to potential sun sensitivity (see Resources).

3. This is a palm plant found in North America and grows abundantly in coastal areas. This has been a very popular remedy because it contains compounds that can block DHT. DHT is a derivative of testosterone which is a dominant hormone in men but can also be present in women. This hormone travels to the scalp and blocks the hair follicles causing thinner hair to grow. If this is not treated immediately, it can lead to androgenetic alopecia or male-female pattern baldness. Saw palmetto, when taken internally and externally is purported to block DHT into traveling to the hair follicles.

4. In addition to that, it's also good since it aids regrowth by placing the correct quantity of stress over the scalp. Typically, this can be done manually. You can accomplish it on your own or you may ask someone to massage your own scalp in your own home. Should you don't have sufficient energy to complete manual massage by yourself scalp, you may choose electrical hair massage obtainable in most health and fitness stores.

5. Proper hair care is a must for sideways and frontal hairline regrowth. If you are wondering how to regrow hair fast, then remember that you need to oil and massage the scalp regularly with warm coconut oil. Secondly, you should avoid using harsh or chemical based shampoos regularly and go for natural and milder ones. Similarly, a proper hair care therapy once every month is a must as hair regrowth treatment.

6. Also known as black sesame seed, this herb is used to enhance hair growth and increase longevity. Too much of this herb can cause diarrhea, so use with care (see Resources).

7. This is one of the preferred herbs for hair growth. Stinging nettle extract also functions the same way as saw palmetto. It can also block DHT. Never use the plant itself for topical use because it can cause allergic reactions. Just use a product that has stinging nettle in it as its active ingredient such as Provillus.

8. Regarded as a "wonder plant" natural aloe-vera is popular to a lot of people especially individuals residing in warm countries - as a treatment for hair loss. With respect to the degree, this plant may be used as a shampoo by utilizing fresh pulp which is directly applied on your hair as well as scalp, just like a hair tonic and also other herbs, along with a drink or even oral aloe liquid for your body to soak up its elements faster.

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