7 Vaginal Yeast Infection Home Remedies

Published: 22nd February 2011
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Yeast infections are one of the most common types of vaginal infections that affect women. Since this can be a very challenging problem to treat, Vaginal yeast infection is the most common type of yeast infection and is caused by a fungus known as Candida albicans. In normal circumstances this fungus is present on the skin and inside the vagina of almost all healthy women. It is estimated that over 75% of women suffer from vaginal yeast infection at least once in their lifetime. Vaginal yeast infection can either be cured orally or by vaginal insertion. Most of these home remedies have been tried and tested for their efficacy.

1. One of the most well known home remedies for treating this problem is yogurt. Yogurt which contains probiotics, or active cultures, can treat a yeast infection because its healthy bacteria can ward off yeast. Apply plain yogurt which contains active cultures directly to the area which is infected. The easiest way to do this is by inserting a yogurt-covered tampon into the vagina. Remember that it will make a mess, so it is best to also wear a sanitary napkin.

2. Prevent the growth of yeast. The idea is to let air circulate as much as possible. Try to keep the vaginal area dry and clean, as a damp and moist environment helps Candida grow. Avoid wearing tight clothes and sleep without tight undergarments. If you must use a panty hose, select those that come with a cotton crotch. Do not dust cosmetic powder in the vaginal area. Most of these powders have a starch base, which is conducive to yeast growth.

3. Make a paste of garlic pods and apply to skin around the vagina. It may burn a bit, but is very effective. This paste can be used for yeast infection in other parts of the body too. Another way to use garlic for the cure of vaginal yeast infection is to cut a few garlic pods fine and wrap it in a cheesecloth. Insert into vagina for about 20 minutes leaving part of cheesecloth hanging out for easy removal.

4. Cranberry juice which is unsweetened in diluted from should be included in the daily diet as it would increase the PH level of the vaginal cavity and help the body to flush out the yeast.

5. Vinegar is renowned for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Fill a bathtub with warm water mixed with 1 cup of vinegar. Soak in this bath solution for about 20 minutes. Dry the vaginal area thoroughly using super absorbent paper. Any vinegar will do, but the best results have been found using apple cider vinegar.

6. Sitz baths are a super way of cleaning and douching. Mix salt or vinegar (half cup) to a shallow bath and sit with knees apart. This relieves the itching sensation, and the result can be perceived almost immediately.

7. Tea tree oil: Firstly the tip of the tampon should be lubricated with a lubricant and then tea tree oil should be applied to it and the tampon should be placed on the infected area. This works just like yoghurt.

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