7 Vaginal Candida Yeast Infection Natural Cure

Published: 22nd February 2011
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Women with vaginal infection, may experience itching and burning sensation along with a whitish discharge from vagina. Ways to cure yest infection can vary according to the location of the infection and the symptoms. Unlike over the counter treatments and doctors prescriptions, natural cures work with your body. They have no chemical additives and thus the risk of side effects are very little to none. The truth is, after using over the counter and even doctor's prescribed meds, your body will get accustomed to them and after a while they will have no effect on your condition. Follow these simple instruction to cure yeast infection naturally.

1. Using a solution between one to two table tablespoons of vinegar per quart of water for douching for no more than several days may be all thatís needed to keep a yeast infection from reappearing.

2. Utilize Honey: Honey works great for yeast infection, though it may be sticky and uncomfortable way of curing yeast infection. Before bath, you can apply honey to all the affected portions. You can apply honey to the vaginal area and wait for 15-20 minutes. Then, you can have a warm water bath. Do not forget to dry the vaginal area thoroughly using super absorbent paper. You will feel much better. If possible, you can try this, twice a day.

3. Yoghurt is a very strong yeast killer. Dip a tampon in yoghurt, insert that into vagina and keep overnight. Alternatively, you can douche in a warm bath that is mixed with yoghurt. Treatment with yoghurt should not exceed 7 days.

4. Another natural cure for yeast infection is tea tree oil. This is a substance that is used to treat many kinds of diseases all over the world. In this case you will have to dilute the tea tree oil with some distill water because it may be too concentrated as is to be applied to the sensitive areas of the vagina. Once diluted, you can apply the tea tree oil topically or insert into the vagina via the use of a tampon. Don't allow it to stay inside the vagina for more that 30 minutes. Doing this remedy for about a week will help to get rid of your yeast infection.

5. 5.Another well known home remedy to cure yeast infections is gentian violet. It can be found over the counter at drug stores. Try using it once or twice a day. Use a thick pad because it stains very easily.

6. Boycott Alcohol: It has been noticed that there are more chances of the occurrence of candidiasis among alcoholics, since alcohol is converted into sugar in the body which is a favorable condition for the growth of yeast. Alcohol should be avoided as far as possible.

7. Apple cider vinegar as well as baking soda is very effective in the treatment of yeast infection. Fill the bath tub with warm water and add either a cup of vinegar or a tea spoon of baking soda for every quarter of a gallon, mix well and douche in that.

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