7 Natural Ways To Cure Yeast Infection

Published: 25th February 2011
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If you are suffering from a yeast infection, it can be very uncomfortable and make you feel under the weather. Yeast Infections, otherwise known as Candida, is an overgrowth of yeast in the human body. Places in which yeast infections thrive are the throat, the vagina, under the breast and in the lower abdomen. Yeast infections (Candida) presents as an itching and burning sensation. Yeast infection is one of the very common diseases now days. About 80% women have to face this problem every year. But there are certain things by which we can avoid yeast infection.

1. For preemptive measures, eating yogurt has the active cultures that keep yeast out of your intestinal system and generally help control yeast production in your system. There are some tasty frozen yogurt ice cream type treats that taste just like ice cream that make consuming yogurt more enjoyable. Avoiding very yeasty foods like breads might be good if you feel you are starting a yeast problem. If possible, try to build your immune system as much as possible so that yeast cannot get out of control.

2. Drinking 8 (250ml) glasses of water per day will help keep yeast infections (and a lot of other illnesses) at bay. Hydrating yourself throughout the day is very important and helps keep your body balanced.

3. Provide the panties of additional scrub if you are already infected. As a preventative measure, rub the crotch of your panties with fragrance-free detergent prior to putting them for the wash. Stay away from fabric softener which irritates gentle skin.

4. A healthy diet should always contain a good measure of vitamins and minerals. This is equally important if you are hoping to cure your yeast infection. Good natural sources that you could try are grapefruit seed extract and pine bark extract. These are great ways to boost your immune system.

5. Starch is the ideal means for growing fungus cultures. Because nearly all after-bath powders have a starch base, you’re supporting an infection when you make use of a dusting powder. Try to keep powder away from panties.

6. Soak a tea bag in water, then place it in the freezer, just before frozen take it out of the freezer. Place it on the affected area, it will help sooth the burning and itching.

7. Mushrooms are a great ingredient to add to your meals but it has also been discovered that they have been found to have a very positive medicinal effect on the body. Mushrooms like shitake, and reishi stimulate the inner workings of the digestive system. It is a very simple thing to incorporate into your diet as it is very easy to source, to prepare and to eat.

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