7 Eczema Treatment and Cure For Eczema Naturally

Published: 12th April 2011
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Eczema is a chronic skin condition, which makes your skin very sore and itchy. It is very common especially in children with as many as one in ten suffering and the condition is on the increase. Eczema treatment is often done best with natural ingredients as natural way to care for your skin that needs attention. This helps to avoid some contraindications as associated with steroid treatment, such as thinning of skin, depigmentation and stretch marks.

1. The most effective natural eczema cure is drinking fresh vegetable and fruit juices and eating a whole-food diet. Drinking fresh vegetable juices will detoxify your body of the factors that cause an eczema outbreak. Four ounces of fresh wheatgrass juice, every other day, removes toxins from the blood. Combinations of vegetables and fruits, every day, will help your body heal from within, and you will see the eczema gradually go away.

2. Polyphenols - are substances with multiple phenol compounds. These are found in berries, tea, coffee, olive oil, wine and grapes; and also in some vegetables. Known to be powerful antioxidants, latching on and curtailing free radicals' activities that may cause various diseases. In laboratory studies, polyphenols have shown promise in restraining production and release of histamine and other inflammatory triggers or chemical activators. And the astringent property in them constrict skin cells and tissues, an anti-inflammatory action that is shared with non-polyphenols such as ice cold water, oatmeal and alum.

3. Aloe vera lotions soothe the skin, relieve itching and accelerate healing. Cocoa butter lotions are also an equally popular way of treating eczema naturally. If you want to prevent eczema symptoms then it is good to apply cocoa butter based creams. They form a barrier against allergens and irritants and save the skin from eczema attacks. Oatmeal based lotions give equally good results. Conditioning lotions rich in certain minerals and vitamins also help in reducing eczema symptoms.

4. You can also try this home remedies for eczema. Prepare fresh fruit or vegetable juice of carrot, grapes, spinach and oranges and apply it over the eczema affected area.

5. Eating right is another most important way of eczema natural treatment. A diet rich in Vitamin E is necessary for natural healing of the skin. Regular consumption of fish oils like salmon oils will boost the skin cells and help in fast healing. Flaxseed oil and black currant oil are also wonderful external supplements for curing eczema.

6. Avoid food irritants, such as sugar, milk and other dairy products, preservatives, seafood, oranges, corn, eggs, peanuts and soy products.
Protect your skin from chafing by applying beneficial moisturizers, and help your body enter a state of healing by performing relaxation exercises and thinking calming thoughts. By using natural eczema cures, you will help your body heal from this difficult skin ailment.

7. Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables have hydrogen peroxide and it is released by the vitamin that triggers white blood cells to proliferate on damaged cells or tissues. A surprising addition to the list of peroxide rich food is honey and also used as eczema natural remedies. Honey slowly releases peroxide with the aid of natural body fluids, making it a good antibacterial wound dressing. Raw honey is used in curing diabetic ulcers.

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