6 Natural Treatment for Hair Loss That Work

Published: 05th May 2011
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Learn about natural hair loss treatment and discover how you may be able to stop hair loss and promote new growth today without taking prescription drugs.

Eating healthy is also important, and poor nutrition can play a role in the need for a female hair loss treatment. In particular, you need to make sure you get all of the B Vitamin complex, and plenty of Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Find out more about vitamins for hair loss, and how to make sure that you are giving your hair the balanced nutrition it needs.

Vitamin C is needed for the proper absorption and assimilation of iron. This means, according to "Healing with Vitamins", that a daily dosage of vitamin C will be required or needed for anyone using iron therapy to aid in stimulating new hair growth. "Healing with Vitamins" recommends one hundred milligram of this vitamin as the dosage. It is a good natural treatment for hair loss in men.

Olive oil has anti-bacterial properties. Olive oil is also full of antioxidants, which are well known to impede the aging process of the body. Because of its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal nature, hair loss which has taken place due to the application of hair products with strong chemicals, can be reversed and effectively treated. One of the main causes of hair loss is application of hair dyes and conditioners with strong chemicals, which cause an allergic reaction on the scalp, thereby weakening the hair roots. When olive oil is applied on the scalp, its anti-fungal nature helps in minimizing the chemical damage done on the scalp, thus restoring the scalp to its previous healthy self and preventing hair loss in the process. Any hair loss which occurs due to skin infections can be treated with regular application of olive oil. Hair loss can be treated as olive oil has anti-bacterial properties too.

Although green tea hasn't been proven or marketed as a female hair loss treatment, there is no harm to taking it, and some evidence that it may work. Find out about some of the other benefits of green tea.

Anyone who is going through balding, both men and women, can gain or benefit from the utilization of rosemary oil on their hair scalp, this is based on facts gotten from "The Complete Illustrated Book of Herbs." This book says that Rosemary essential oil enhances the circulation to the scalp, which brings foods or nutrients and added oxygen to the blood vessels where hair follicles are found. Rosemary essential oil can be added to daily shampoo or conditioner.

The liver and kidneys are considered the foundation of blood and essence, according to traditional Chinese. Confirmed by clinical trials, at least one benefit of he shou wu is a hair loss treatment. 60% of individuals taking the herb experienced hair re-growth within three months! To purchase he shou wu, go to a Chinese herb store. Once purchased, take about five tablets three times a day; they are about $2.00 for one hundred tablets.

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